fona bildeCamping-Riga was established on 1st of January 2011.  Camping also called as Riga-Camping and Camping for our friends, so everybody that will come to relax will be our very welcome guests. Camping-Riga is situated in nice place called Jaunmarupe, only 17 km from Riga city centre and only 2 km from bypass A5. This is brand new camping in Latvia, that is located close to the Riga city and its advatage to other campings in Latvia is that it is very close (15 km) to the most popular resort of Latvia Jurmala.

Particular feature of Riga Camping is quiet and calm nature, at the same time being only 17 km away from Riga city centre.  Camping-Riga one of the brand new campings in Camping Latvia, is for those who wants to be close to the nature and at the same time close to Riga and Jurmala cities.